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The Atlantis Hypothesis

The ATLANTIS conference series aims to serve as a forum for the presentation and constructive discussion of all the subjects related to the hypothesis of the lost land of Atlantis as well as all the relevant theoretical issues.

The purpose of these conferences is to gather specialists of all the different disciplines involved in highlighting the scientific aspects of this greatly interesting subject, provide a greater understanding of key issues on the Atlantis Hypothesis and in the same time offer networking opportunities at an international level.

Greece is the most appropriate location for hosting this conference series, as the ancient Greek great mind Plato formulated the Atlantis hypothesis.

The ATLANTIS 2011 conference enabled all of us to share and celebrate, once again, our common passion for this fascinating theme.


Antonis Kontaratos

The 3rd International Conference on the Atlantis Hypothesis was devoted to the personality of late Professor Antonis Kontaratos, Vice-President of the International Program Committee of the Conference, former Professor of the University of Patras in Greece and former NASA’s high ranking personnel in USA.

Professor A .Kontaratos has contributed with scientific papers in both conferences in Milos island and in Athens and advanced significantly the scientific analysis of the Atlantis’ enigma.

He has published many scientific and technical papers while he wrote 25 books of miscellaneous content and particular publications on Atlantis.